Take-Away – Tutorial

Welcome to this study about Take-Away food (“To Go”)

The data is collected anonymously and will only be used for research purposes and not for commercial ones.

Thank you for your participation !

Take-Away Food Definition

Take away is defined as foods/beverages or meals that are prepared and purchased out of  home, either from restaurants, fast food or food trucks, and ready for immediate consumption either at the place of purchase or elsewhere.

Thus, restaurants, fast food, drive-in and restaurants selling goods from a window overlooking the streets are included. Vending machines and home-delivery are excluded.

How to participate

Share with us one of your consumption of street food, no matter which one, if possible before February 27th. You will be asked to take some pictures and answer a short questionnaire.

To start, click on the “+” bellow the calendar and follow the instructions.

When you are done, click on “End this survey” below the “+” button. We will ask you two final questions.


Don’t forget, at the end, to synchronize your data via your profile, accessible through the top left icon.


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