The first food intake in a day: comparing practices worldwide

The aim of this study was to compare the “first food intake in a day” in 14 different countries (Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan, USA). Even if the term “breakfast” is generally used for this meal, the term “first food intake in a day” was preffered because it is less culturally connoted.

Type of non-dairy animal proteins eaten


  • Mainly eggs, but an important variation depending on the countries:


The “bread”

The main eaten product was bread. However, this term covers mainy categories, differing regarding the types and the uses.

Variety of bread types

Variety of bread uses

Local food



85% of this meal are taken at home.

(91 FFI)


Even if the TV is now often turned on (27%), it is still a social moment for one quarter of the participants (24%)

(44 FFI)