Welcome on FLOW – Food and Lifestyle Observatory, Worldwide !

Here you can find all the information you want about the studies on food habits and on hospitality we are conducting.

Using our app will enable you to contribute to science related to food and lifestyle while participating to studies conducted by the Center for Food and Hospitality Research, Institut Paul Bocuse (Lyon, France).

For those studies, on various subjects, you will need to take pictures and answer short questionnaires.


You can download for free our app “Food and Lifestyle Observatory” on both Google Play and the App Store.



Research Axis

Our researchers, PhD students and innovation managers need your help to better understand how food is prepared, cooked and consumed around the world.

We have a multi-level approach to study meals and well-being.

  • Food culture : tradition, meal conviviality, cooking practices
  • Decisions related to food : food choice environment, behavior changes, menu/labels
  • Food cognition : memory, perception, food categorization
  • Nutrition and health : eating behavior, appetite, obesity

Current Studies

Here are the current studies you’ll find in FLOW :


Here you can find a summary of the results of our previous studies.

Of course, those results are anonymous, you won’t find your pseudo in them.

We’re working on a way to send personalized results to thank you for your participation in a study. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about this project !

Results of the Previous Studies


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